Analyze Incidents In Real-time With AI.

LabelFuse enables you detect and predict outcomes from any live camera using Machine Learning.

Real-time Detection API for Incident Analysis.

LabelFuse enables teams to deliver mission-critical insights from visual data quicker and accurate using Machine learning.

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End-to-end Machine learning Pipeline.

LabelFuse has everything you need to build your computer vision app all in one place.This includes labeling,model design & deployment without need for Machine learning expertise.


Quickly label huge volumes of training data in minutes using AI.

Train Model.

Build and train accurate models securely on our scalable platform.


Deploy your model on any camera ready device via IP or API & recieve real time alerts.

Deploy Anywhere.

LabelFuse is hardware & software agnostic - our API can be shipped in any dev environment.


Available APIS.

Build computer vision apps specific to your needs using our API's.

Bounding Box & Segmentation.

Quickly label huge volumes of training data in days vs months using our Auto-labeling API.

Object Detection.

Detect & classify objects from images & video.

Object Tracking.

Track moving objects from any live feed in real-time.

Getting Started

For a quick demo & questions, send us an email will get back to you within 24hrs.


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