End-to-end computer vision

for event driven analytics.



LabelFuse enables you to deliver mission-critical insights from video and image data quickly and accurately using the power of Machine learning & AI.

Our end-to-end approach eliminates scalability roadblocks such as labeling, expertise & technology readiness by automating every step of the process.

Supported data sources :

Satellite imagery,CCTV,Drone footage & edge devices.


Stream from DJI Tello Drone

It's easy to get started

Upload image data

Upload your unstructured dataset.

Build models in minutes

Build context specific models with zero machine learning expertise .

Analyze events in realtime

Finally,deploy like a boss! connect your devices to our network and begin analyzing events as they happen in realtime.

Automated labeling

Outsourcing image labeling is yesterday's work . LabelFuse autolabels huge volumes of image data in seconds .

Context : Cell labeling and detection from Microscopic images often takes weeks to complete but with
LabelFuse it can be done in seconds .

Automated deployment

To maintain crucial time to market and business goals - LabelFuse allows you to design once and deploy everywhere without added complexity.

How we do it.

- Automatically label training data in hours instead of weeks.

- Build context specific models with zero machine learning expertise.

- Deploy with confidence on edge and IoT devices with no installation required.

- Pay as you go with a transparent pricing model .

Stream from dashcam -Object tracking and detection.

Incident tracking

In an emergency, the difference between life and death is a matter of seconds. To ensure timely response time LabelFuse delivers real-time incident reports with zero downtime.

- Great white shark swims amongst surfers - South Africa.

Our team is truly diverse & committed to serve.

Kelvin Aongola

CEO / Founder.

Jurgen van der Vlist

CTO / Founder

Anneke Duis


Julien Tylor

Advisor / Investor

Elsa AI

Customer support

Let us help you reach your AI goals fast.

For a quick demo send us the following :

- A short description of your project.
- 100 image samples of your use case .