About LabelFuse

LabelFuse is a no code platform for Machine Learning & Computer Vision.
We enable non-technical teams to apply and use computer vision without writing a single line of code.

Our technology is enabling decision makers to automatically capture and analyse context specific incidents from Satellite feeds , CCTV & Drone stream to prevent asset damage and loss before it occurs.


Getting started is super easy.

When it comes to new systems integration you want comfort and ease of use.
LabelFuse is built for easy adaption from day 1.

1. Connect camera.

Simply connect your live camera address to our Platform to start.
Supported brands : AXI, BOSH, DJI , Flir & more+

2. Assign task of interest.

LabelFuse will track, search, count and follow objects of interest automatically.

3. Monitor incidents.

View incidents and alerts in realtime from a single dashboard in your browser.

Capture mission critical incidents in Real time.

Focus on what is important.

1. Real-time Alerts.

Get alerted automatically when a specific incident occurs.

2. Analytics.

Predict and analyse trends ahead of time with insights for decision making.

3. Data & Privacy.

LabelFuse is GDPR &
AVG compliant.

"First batch of Europes top data driven startups "
AI & Machine Learning Category

Use cases

Our platform is industry agnostic - with over 100+ datasets customers can begin using LabelFuse right away.

Defence Missions.

Identify weapons such as guns, bombs and armed drones from live stream.

Traffic Flow.

Automatically count incoming & static traffic with a 360 view of your assets on the ground.

Loss Prevention.

Protect your property with virtual alarms against intrusion.

Search & Rescue.

Use drones to search and rescue missing items in complex environments .


Reduce risk and save time checking for damage in heavy outdoor equipment.

Coming soon.

Bring your visual data to life with immersive interactions beyond the screen.